Mortgage and Investment mis-selling

Were you given misleading advice on a high-risk plan?

Were you sold a mortgage after November 2004 by a broker? Do you think that you ended up in a worse financial position because of the company you used and the advice you were given? If we can prove that the advisor did not do a good job for you then we could claim for your losses incurred from the mortgage  transaction.

At PR Scully & Co, we work tirelessly to get our clients the very best results. Our financial Mis selling team is headed up by an experienced solicitor with 10 years experience fighting for clients who rightly deserved compensation. We also have Independent Financial advisors on staff that have both experience within the mortgage market and a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP). Our team of solicitors, paralegals and IFA’s are all fully conversant in the Mortgage Conduct of Business rules (MCOB rules). If your mortgage product was arranged after 31/10/2004 and before the end of 2009 there is a good chance that you were given the wrong advice. That means that you could be able to recover fees, charges and some of the cost of your mortgage.

Many brokers did not fully consider clients financial position and credit rating accurately, they did not bother proving the clients income and did not properly assess their pension provision. Sadly we know that during that period it was commonplace for the broker and lender to fail to consider the clients age at the end of the mortgage period and what they would be able to do to repay the mortgage debt.  Mortgage brokers often did not check the products available from the whole of market to see what suited their clients need best. We know that the brokers would recommend that their clients rolled other unsecured debts into a mortgage whilst not making you aware of the real cost of paying that debt back over a longer term. Even more disappointing is the fact that mortgage advisors often did not make their clients aware they had received a fee for arranging you to commit to a mortgage that may not have been right for them.

Advisers had a duty of care to provide suitable advice and we know that on occasions this was not carried out to suit the client’s needs.

Did any of these things happen to you or do you suspect that this may have happened to you? We can help you to find out if it did. More importantly we can help you to get some of that money back for you.

  • “But my broker isn’t around any more!” – don’t worry we can still help you to recover money if you were badly advised.
  • “But I don’t have that mortgage any more!” – don’t worry we can still help you
  • “But my house got repossessed!” – don’t worry we can still help you
  • “But I don’t have all of my paperwork!” – don’t worry we can still help you